Issue 5

What’s next for Side Project

We had a great response to our Pozible campaign, and are so grateful to everyone who supported us and helped spread the word!

Unfortunately we fell just a bit short of the mark at 75% of our target, and as it was an all-or-nothing campaign we won’t be receiving any of the funds. That hasn’t stopped us from finishing Issue 5 though – it’s come back from the printers looking awesome, so get your order in now!… More

Lettering by Sabrina Wong for Side Project Magazine

Teach yourself brush lettering!

We have an article in Issue 5 about getting started with brush lettering (which of course, I would recommend checking out), but I wanted some useful online resources that I used to learn brush lettering. Below I’ve listed some free and paid resources you can use to learn brush lettering from people all over the world!

Where do I start?

My number one recommendation would be this website: Pieces calligraphy. … More

Why we started Side Project

The Side Project origin story

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. Yes everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re colour-blind, haven’t made anything more creative than a sandwich in forever, or can’t draw anything but stick figures. Maybe you work in a creative field but want to try something different without the pressure of income, or maybe you do something non-creative and want to balance things out but don’t know how to begin.… More

Issue 5 Pre-order + We’re Crowdfunding!

Our Pozible crowdfunding campaign is live!

We spent forever on carefully planning out and creating our video (pro-tip: it’s harder than you’d think; more on that later), so we’d love for you to check it out our campaign which has some seriously awesome rewards on offer, as well as our almost-ready Issue 5 up for pre-order.

Here’s a little preview of our video – head to for the full thing!… More

Why we are crowd-funding

Issue 5 is almost ready for layout – in fact our newsletter subscribers got a peek at the new cover! It’s now over a year since we started Side Project magazine and we have bigger and better things planned for our second year of production, but we’re going to need a little help.

We’ve been working really hard (whilst also producing Issue 5) on a crowd-funding campaign to keep Side Project going and make it even more awesome.… More

Issue 4 is here!

It’s finally here!

After some inevitable printing delays, Side Project Issue 4 has made it to our doorstep and is now on its way to all you cool kids who pre-ordered. The team is super happy with how all the bright, happy colours turned out in print, and how it all came together in the end. A big thank you to our wonderful contributors and helpers for this issue – we really couldn’t have done it without you!… More

Sneak Peek: Letterpress Love

These days, many brides choose letterpress printing for their invitations, and for good reason: with its luxurious, tactile feel, letterpress printing is the final word in special-occasion stationery. We visited Ann at Whiteman Park Print Shop to find out more about the process of letterpress printing for Issue 4 of Side Project magazine – here’s a sneak peek.

Some background:

Letterpress was developed by Johannes Gutenburg in the 15th century and remained the main form of printing until the invention of offset printing in the mid-20th century.


Sneak Peek: The Articulate

Tash is a hand-lettering artist and illustrator whose beautiful typography has featured on stationery, signs, and even Kinfolk dinner menus. She’s the creative force behind The Articulate, and grew up in a creative family – but did you know her favourite font used to be Comic Sans? We ask her how it all began in Issue 4; here’s a sneak peek.… More

Sneak Peek: Anya Brock interview

With her distinctive bold hues, surreal portraits and geometric patterns, Anya Brock’s work can be found splashed across walls in Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle. She opened her Fremantle gallery in 2013, her flagship Sydney store in 2014, and is launching a homewares line this year. Here’s a little peek at our chat with her for Issue 4.… More

Flowers and Poetry in Anthologia

We like to keep in touch with our previous contributors and see what they’re up to – creative people always seem to be working on something exciting!

A few weeks ago I attended the opening of Anthologia, an exhibition by Alina Tang (interviewed all the way back in Issue 1!) and SJ Finch at Paper Mountain. The concept was beautifully unique – beginning with a floriographic dictionary detailing the traditional meanings of flowers.… More