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We’re on the lookout for fun and creative contributors for future issues – does that sound like your cup of tea?

Side Project aims to be an inspiring resource for those looking to bring more creativity into their lives. We’re after writers, photographers, illustrators, artists and makers to share their knowledge and experience with our readers. We love tutorials and behind-the-scenes tours, but are open to ideas that will inspire and excite. Want to help but can’t think of an article idea off the top of your head? Get in touch and we’ll see if we can give you an assignment or pair you up with someone with complementary skills.

If you’re unsure of what kind of articles feature in Side Project, we strongly encourage you to grab a copy and see the style and quality that we’re after. Being quite a compact format we unfortunately cannot accept every submission, but can discuss options for future issues or a blog feature if you don’t make it this time around. Due to the volume of enquiries, we will only be able to contact successful submissions.

Each contributor will receive credit within their article, an invitation to be interviewed on our blog, a copy of the issue featuring their work, and a lot of love from us!


a photographera writeran artistan illustratora craftera DIYersomething else altogether

a tutorialan artwork featurean articlegive me an assignmentan advertisementsomething else altogether

Tell us about your background, what you've worked on previously and why you'd like to contribute to Side Project magazine.

Give us your pitch! We strongly recommend that you check out previous issues to see the styles of submissions we're after.