Contributor Profile – Lime Tree Bower

Meet Lime Tree Bower, a Sydney-based floral studio which we’ve watched bloom over the past year.

What began as a side project has grown into a thriving business, from styling events to inventing unique floral products. We also have to give a shoutout to founder Helen who has been a big supporter of Side Project from the beginning! Check out Issue 3 for Lime Tree Bower’s instructions for styling cosy winter dinner party.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Lime Tree Bower is a boutique floral studio, specialised in floral styling and gifts. Based in Sydney, Lime Tree Bower is run by flower partners in crime, Helen Hung and Gareth Wijetunge. We are passionate about bringing the amazing world of flowers into everyday life. Our work is inspired by art, wildflowers and wanderlust.

Do you have a favourite side project of your own?

Yes! We’re currently working on some cool creative collaborations with other talented superstars. Dreaming up these projects and new ideas are not only fun, but a chance to stretch ourselves and get uber creative!


What does “living creatively” mean to you?

Experiencing things in life that are new to you – whether that be making things, learning a new skill and/or experiencing something that you’ve never done before. Being creative is different from one person to the next, so it’s all about what’s “new” to you and trying it out!

What’s your current obsession?

Dreaming up new fragrances for our flower (bath) bomb collection! It’s so much fun playing with new scent combinations and testing out ones that we’ve never used before.LTB_3

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to ask and try new things – everyone goes through stages of uncertainty and inexperience when they first get started. It’s the only way you’ll learn and improve!

 You can find more of Lime Tree Bower’s work on their websiteInstagram and Facebook.

Top photo by Luisa Brimble; other photos by Lime Tree Bower.

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  1. Helen

    Thanks guys for interviewing us, it was a pleasure! Can’t wait to receive the new edition.

    P.S. The top photo credit of the two of us is by Luisa Brimble 😉

    • Team Side Project

      You’re welcome Helen! Fingers crossed they will arrive soon 😉


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