Flowers and Poetry in Anthologia

We like to keep in touch with our previous contributors and see what they’re up to – creative people always seem to be working on something exciting!

A few weeks ago I attended the opening of Anthologia, an exhibition by Alina Tang (interviewed all the way back in Issue 1!) and SJ Finch at Paper Mountain. The concept was beautifully unique – beginning with a floriographic dictionary detailing the traditional meanings of flowers. These meanings were sent to various talented poets who wrote verses inspired by the dictionary, which were then made into prints on handmade paper.

The exhibition featured the dictionary, poetry and Alina’s response to the poetry in pretty, feminine and delightful floral arrangements and installations. My favourites were the surreal landscape of flowers in purple dyed salt crystals, and the delicately tiny paper clay vases pressed with flowers.

Well done Alina, SJ Finch and all involved for pulling off such a beautiful and interesting exhibition! Here’s a taste below:


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