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Teach yourself brush lettering!

We have an article in Issue 5 about getting started with brush lettering (which of course, I would recommend checking out), but I wanted some useful online resources that I used to learn brush lettering. Below I’ve listed some free and paid resources you can use to learn brush lettering from people all over the world!

Where do I start?

My number one recommendation would be this website: Pieces calligraphy. Sharisse from Sacramento, California has created an awe-inspiring library of helpful content which made a HUGE difference to the way I do brush lettering. She even has videos showing particular brush strokes and her content is jam packed with lots of tips and tricks to help get your letters looking more even and professional in lieu of attending an in-person workshop.

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Connect with people on instagram

There are so many people doing brush lettering on instagram, from beginners to professional graphic designers. Browse the #brushlettering hashtag to see who’s creating and connect with people you like!

There are also quite a few instagram lettering groups you can join that run challenges – the idea is that you check out their feed to find out their daily / weekly challenges, create and take a photo your own lettering piece to upload to your own instagram, then use their hashtag to join the fun. Handlettered ABCs is my favourite group, which is a mixed brush lettering /  calligraphy / hand lettering group. They repost lots of participant work and when you get reposted, it’s pretty exciting – it makes you feel like a part of the action!


Want to learn online?

I’m a member of Skillshare and absolutely love it, I have learned how to do so many things on there. It’s a subscription service to access content but there’s a lot of really good courses available on there. I’d recommend Andrea Campos’ “Brush Lettering Made Simple“, I found this one was a good introduction to brush lettering and she demonstrates how to draw her letters using a brush pen as well as how she goes about setting up a basic quote.


Once you’ve got the hang of using a brush tip and want to get into using watercolours, I’d recommend Teela Cunningham’s “Waterbrush Lettering Essentials” . She uses a Pentel Aquash pen with watercolors to get lots of fun effects.

If you’re not sure about Skillshare but want to try it out first, use the contact form to get in touch and I’ll send you a link to try Skillshare Premium for $0.99 for 3 months! If you don’t like it, there’s no obligation to continue. Maybe you’ll have even finished watching your favourite courses by then 😉

Brush Lettering by Sabrina Wong for Side Project Magazine

Final words

I’ve written a short article on brush lettering basics for Issue 5: we’re taking preorders through Pozible – only a few days left to pre-order, if you’re interested! We have a little brush lettering kit that includes a brush pen with guidesheet and a copy of Issue 5 – check it out in the rewards section 🙂

Good luck with your brush lettering!

P.S.: Teresa’s got a few brush lettering workshops coming up, so get in touch if you’re interested, we’ll keep you in the loop!

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