Sneak Peek: Anya Brock interview

With her distinctive bold hues, surreal portraits and geometric patterns, Anya Brock’s work can be found splashed across walls in Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle. She opened her Fremantle gallery in 2013, her flagship Sydney store in 2014, and is launching a homewares line this year. Here’s a little peek at our chat with her for Issue 4.

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On authenticity:

I think we’re born a certain type of artist and the job is to uncover that, not pretend to be something else

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The usual work day:

..I guess an average day would be getting into work about 8-9am, having a coffee and some brekkie, and checking emails. Once done with all the biz, I usually put on a documentary, movie or TV series and start painting or drawing. This, I’ve realised, helps me jump to the other side of my brain.


On leaving the fashion industry to become an artist:

My pivotal moment was in London when I realised being in the fashion industry was supporting a lot of bullshit body image struggles I was having. I realised that painting felt a lot more free and fulfilling for me. It just felt like play which was far more interesting. Then I guess I started making a living out of it which allowed me more time to spend playing.

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See more of Anya’s work on her website, Instagram and Facebook page.

You can read the full article in Issue 4, which you can pre-order now and will be out very soon!

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