Sneak Peek: Letterpress Love

These days, many brides choose letterpress printing for their invitations, and for good reason: with its luxurious, tactile feel, letterpress printing is the final word in special-occasion stationery. We visited Ann at Whiteman Park Print Shop to find out more about the process of letterpress printing for Issue 4 of Side Project magazine – here’s a sneak peek.


Some background:

Letterpress was developed by Johannes Gutenburg in the 15th century and remained the main form of printing until the invention of offset printing in the mid-20th century. As the name implies, letterpress is a form of relief printing, involving a direct impression of an inked, raised surface onto paper.


The print shop:

Whiteman Park Print Shop was established in 1988 as part of a Trade Village in Whiteman Park, in the Swan Valley. While many of the other trade shops have been replaced by modern stores over the years, the Print Shop is still going strong, creating quality printing using vintage presses.

Artwork by The Articulate

Modern letterpress technique:

Contemporary letterpress printing is done using a photopolymer plate. This involves printing a reversed design onto a transparent lm, then using it to expose a light-sensitive plate to ultraviolet light, leaving the design raised.


On why people love letterpress:

“Letterpress printing is a hands-on approach to printmaking, a slow and laborious process, but a very satisfying outcome when completed.”

Artwork by Matthew Wong
Artwork by Judith Ann Tubby of Beautiful Writing
Artwork by Renée Botman

See more of Whiteman Park Print Shop’s work on their Instagram and Facebook page. They’ve also just launched an Etsy store in time for Christmas, including this collaborative card with our featured artist from Issue 2, Matthew Wong!

You can read the full article in Issue 4, which is available now!

4 Responses

  1. Ann

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge and love of letterpress! Feeling very privileged to be interviewed and featured alongside some incredible Aussie creatives in Issue 4. Keep up the great work Team Side Project! oxox

  2. Judith Ann

    So glad you spotted wpprint, it’s the best in this hemisphere I reckon and blends the young generation techno (Ann) with the older, wise Phil. It’s the best place of creativity and I highly recommend this team of creatives.Just love all of those machines and seeing them work. Thanks also for popping me in beside these ateliers of print. Most fondest regards Judith Ann

  3. Judith Ann

    It’s the best place in this hemisphere, so many machines and the talents of young techno Ann and older, experienced Phil. Plus, they create beautiful work. Thanks for popping me in beside them, with most fondest regards Judith Ann


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