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The Side Project origin story

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. Yes everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re colour-blind, haven’t made anything more creative than a sandwich in forever, or can’t draw anything but stick figures. Maybe you work in a creative field but want to try something different without the pressure of income, or maybe you do something non-creative and want to balance things out but don’t know how to begin.

If you haven’t spent time making something purely for the pleasure of doing so, it can be daunting to find somewhere to start. I know a lot of people tell me that they want to try, but feel that they’re just inherently not creative people and worry that they won’t be good at it.




Almost two years ago, the three of us in the core team started talking about making a magazine around this idea of working creativity into your day, and making it really fun, easy and inspiring for people to get started. Although we all have creative aspects to our jobs, we wanted to put together something more personal, experimental and self-directed rather than working for a client. With our combined skills in photography, art, crafts, graphic design and digital marketing, a little magazine seemed like a fun opportunity to play.





There are other art and craft resources out there, but we wanted to create something that we’d want to read ourselves – for the dabblers, the newbie crafters, the passionate makers, the disruptors, the quirky and the offbeat. Rather than focusing on big names overseas, we intentionally feature only Australian artists for some inspiration closer to home. For many of our contributors, their art is their side project, and it’s encouraging to hear how they manage to keep balance. Our tutorials are kept simple but impactful for those just starting out, and our articles tell motivating stories of pursuing a creative life.




Our first issue took many months and a lot of hard work to produce, but the feedback from our wonderful readers keeps us going. It’s always heartening to hear a reader say that they’ve been inspired by the magazine, have tried out one of the tutorials or discovered a new favourite artist. It’s also fun to see our contributors so excited to be able to see their work in a print publication!

So this one goes out to everyone out there who has said at one time “I’m just not creative”. We believe that you are – you just need to give yourself the chance to try!

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By day I work as a digital designer for Bam Creative; by night (and by weekend) I dabble in various personal projects including illustration, lettering, calligraphy and handling the digital aspects of Side Project magazine.

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